IncrediBots is the fun robot simulation game where you’ll be building, guiding, jumping, and doing all sorts of wonderful things with your very own robots, spawned from the depths of your creativity, in a wide-open, physics-based playground!



When you start the game, you’ll be greeted with the Main Menu. From there, you’ll decide if you want to get learning (Levels), thinking (Challenges), or just building to your heart’s content (Sandbox). At the top-left corner of the Main Menu, you’ll find the Load Replay, Load Bot, and Sandbox buttons. Each of these, of course, will begin their respective modes, but before we get into those, let’s talk a bit more about the foundations of the game!

If it’s your first time playing, you’ll probably want to play around in the Levels first, as they’ll effectively teach you how to build robots and make use of the game’s physics engine. You’ll learn the basics and mechanics of the game through playing all eight levels; choose any level you like; there is no penalty for going out of order! Levels can be selected from the table of buttons at the top-right part of the Main Menu.

Once you’re familiar with how the game works and how robots can be built, you’ll probably want to flex your brain a bit and customise your own robot in one of the nine Challenges, each of which is listed in the large table on the lower-half of the screen, along with the difficulty levels you’ll get to choose from for each task. Each Challenge has a specific objective that must be reached, and you’ll only have a certain number of Credits to build your robot with in order to meet those goals. Oh, and you’ll be timed as well – but better times lead to greater bragging rights among your fellow IncrediBots Builders, so practice makes perfect! As you might expect, each of the nine Challenges has three difficulty levels to choose from, with the harder levels adding difficulty by limiting how much material you can use in the construction of your robot. But hey – you’re smart, you’ll figure it out!

Finally, there’s the Sandbox Mode, a place where you can really give your imaginative gears a grind! Sandbox Mode is the big empty canvas of IncrediBots, where you get to supply the paint: you can make any robot or wild contraption-device-object you’d like, and once you’ve built it, you’ll be able to film it using the Replay function!