Let your imagine go wild with this fun robot designer. Save your most fantastic robot designs and share them with your friends!



When you start the game, you’ll be greeted with the Main Menu. From there, you’ll decide if you want to get learning (Levels), thinking (Challenges), or just building to your heart’s content (Sandbox). At the top-left corner of the Main Menu, you’ll find the Load Replay, Load Bot, and Sandbox buttons. Each of these, of course, will begin their respective modes, but before we get into those, let’s talk a bit more about the foundations of the game!

If it’s your first time playing, you’ll probably want to play around in the Levels first, as they’ll effectively teach you how to build robots and make use of the game’s physics engine. You’ll learn the basics and mechanics of the game through playing all eight levels; choose any level you like; there is no penalty for going out of order! Levels can be selected from the table of buttons at the top-right part of the Main Menu.

Once you’re familiar with how the game works and how robots can be built, you’ll probably want to flex your brain a bit and customise your own robot. The Sandbox Mode, a place where you can really give your imaginative gears a grind! Sandbox Mode is the big empty canvas of IncrediBots, where you get to supply the paint: you can make any robot or wild contraption-device-object you’d like, and once you’ve built it, you’ll be able to film it using the Replay function!


Saving to/loading from files

You can now save and load bots to and from your own computer! Instead of copy/pasting code in and out of text editor programs, you can simply click “Load…” to load from a file or “Save…” to save a bot to a file!

To save your bot, click “Save…” and a box will pop up asking for the name, description. Type in a name, optionally a description, then click “Save”. Your computer will ask you where to save the file (the default location is the Flash plugin’s default folder to save or load files). Choose a location, then click “Save” and you’re all set!

To load your bot, click “Load…” and choose either “Load robot”, “Load replay”, or “Load challenge”. Your computer will ask you what file to load. Go to the location where you saved your bots and choose a file to load, click “Load”, “Open”, or “Ok” and it will load your bot!

There is also a converter in-game that will save the export code of your bots to a file (the “Save text to file” button in the main menu). This way, you can keep all of your existing export codes as files on your computer! When you import the code into the converter, it will ask you to put in a name, description, and exposure setting. The name and description should be the same as the name and description of the bot from the IB servers when you exported them (or from the Jaybit versions), but you can still change it to your liking. Then when all is done, click save, choose a place in your computer to save it, and click “Save”, “Ok”, or “Done” to save it on your computer!

If you want an exported code of the bot from a file, click the “Export file to text” button in the main menu. This code is the same as if you were to export the code instead of saving it to a file.