Futabasha Publishers Ltd.
Futabasha logo.png
Founded May 1948 (1948-05)
Headquarters location Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Publication types
Number of employees 174
Official website futabasha.co.jp

Futabasha Publishers Ltd. (株式会社双葉社 Kabushiki Gaisha Futabasha) is a Japanese publishing company headquartered in Higashigokenchō, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

List of magazines published by Futabasha

Magazine Name Genre Frequency Publication date First Issue
&home Home interior Quarterly Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct April 15, 2004
Action Pizazz (アクション ピザッツ) Hentai magazine (Men's magazine) Monthly 21st
Comic High! (コミックハイ!) Seinen manga Monthly 22nd March 2, 2004
JILLE Fashion Monthly 12th November 2001
EX Taishū (EX大衆) Men's magazine Monthly 15th July 2005
Jour Suteki na Shufu tachi (JOURすてきな主婦たち) Josei manga Monthly 2nd April 1985
Monthly Manga Town (月刊まんがタウン) 4-koma manga Monthly 5th November 5, 2000
Men's YOUNG (メンズヤング) Seinen manga Monthly 30th May 1995
Pachinko Kōryaku Magazine (パチンコ攻略マガジン) Pachinko gambling (Men's magazine) Semimonthly 2nd and 4th Thursdays April 1989
Pachisuro Kōryaku Magazine (パチスロ攻略マガジン) Gambling machines (Men's magazine) Monthly 7th September 1993
Photokon Life (フォトコンライフ) Photography Quarterly Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec
Shōsetsu Suiri (小説推理) Novel magazine Monthly 27th
Weekly Taishū (週刊大衆) Men's magazine Weekly Mondays
Soccer Hihyō (サッカー批評) Soccer Quarterly Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec
Manga Action (漫画アクション) Seinen manga Semimonthly 1st and 3rd Tuesdays July 7, 1967
Crossword Day (クロスワードDay) Crossword puzzles Monthly 2nd
Figue Beauty Beauty magazine Irregular 2013
  • Bravo Ski
  • Comic Seed!
  • Futabasha Web Magazine
  • Manga Action ZERO
  • Tōji Rō
  • Getter Robot Saga



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