Partner is a series of Robots being developed by Toyota. As the table below shows the Partner Robots come in three forms: Walking, Rolling and Mountable. Toyota are pitching their Partner Robot as a ‘Personal Assistance’ Robot, and by having three diverse types of Robot, they are able to compete with their main rival, namely Honda’s Asimo, in areas that ASIMO is not capable of functioning.

A recent press release from Toyota states, “Toyota wants its partner robots to have human characteristics, such as being agile, warm and kind and also intelligent enough to skilfully operate a variety of devices in the areas of personal assistance, care for the elderly, manufacturing, and mobility. Furthermore, since each area requires a special set of skills, Toyota is promoting the development of three different types of partner robots (walking, rolling, and mountable), each with its own areas of expertise.” (


Overview of the Partner Robots 

Overview of the Partner Robots



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